Officetel Bac Ninh (Commercial and residential building)

Officetel Bac Ninh (Commercial and residential building)

Featuring a modern and luxurious working environment, Officetel Bac Ninh can be used as both an overnight shelter and an office. The project promises to attract great attention.


Project name: Officetel Bac Ninh

Company in charge: Ha Thanh Real Estate Management Service JSC.

Height of Officetel building: 27 floors.

Areas: 50m2; 58m2; 62.2m2; 66.5m2; 69.7m2; 73.5m2; 77.3m2.

Design style: Modern Oriental style

Furniture: Uma (Korea).

Lease/fully furnished apartment: 12 million dongs/month – 15 million dongs/month.

Ha Thanh Real Estate Management Service JSC offers long term contracts and issues VAT receipts to tenants.


Prime location

Officetel Bac Ninh is favorably located at the city center with easy access to the center or other locations of the city.

Complete self-contained utilities

Officetel Bac Ninh reaps the biggest advantage of utilities which can be used for a representative office offering an ideal work station with no time limits, equipped with office utilities of various uses, and of location in a modern apartment area full of utilities right at the city center, making it a commercial and residential building, so you can save a good fortune.

High class services


The project benefits “fully” from premium amenities including: swimming pools, business centers, restaurants, yoga studios, spas, gym studios, etc. This is an ideal place to both relax after stressful work hours and receive partners and clients who are working at or visiting the office.

There is professional management with 24/24 security systems and 24/7 surveillance cameras, etc. Besides, professionalism in services provided by Officetel Bac Ninh will surely boost your business image, making you proud to your Partners.


Ha Thanh officially offers Officetel  Bac Ninh for lease!

Hotline: Ms.Hao 0934 426.791 - Mr.Thanh 0912 302 737 Email:

Add: Muong Thanh Hotel, Linh Dam, Hoang Mai, Hanoi.

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